Co-Lab Better Together
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Co-Lab Values

Our Vision

Council collaboration through Co-Lab maximises community wellbeing.  

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to support our councils to achieve this vision by helping them identify and realise shared opportunities.

To achieve this, Co-Lab has three main functions. We:

  • act as an “ideas laboratory” – working with councils to investigate and develop opportunities to work together;
  • deliver shared services to councils; and
  • enter joint procurement arrangements


By undertaking these activities, Co-Lab provides three key benefits to its councils.


  1. Reduce costs by:
  • achieving efficiency gains & economies of scale
  • reducing duplication of effort & eliminate waste through repetition
  • helping councils achieve an appropriate balance in risk & return


  1. Create value for councils by:
  • improving levels of quality & service
  • Increasing skills & expertise
  • Improving compliance
  • Improving decision making


  1. Enable innovation and change by:
  • research & development
  • promoting & contributing to the development of best practice
  • a coordinated & consistent approach to the provision of services
  • communities engaging with councils in our region on a consistent basis.