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The RITS document link can be found on this page. It is in pdf and currently has the forms and drawings embedded into it. However, both the updated and higher quality drawings along with the editable forms can be found on the website.

The forms are now editable and where there are limited options, dropdowns have been added or cells may be ticked if the item has been addressed.





Water Supply


Help filling out an editable PDF

Sometimes our PDF documents don’t open correctly in a web browser.  The editable fields may look skewed or in the wrong location.  If this happens and you are having trouble filling out an editable PDF then try the following solutions. error example


Open in Desktop

  1. Click the “Open in desktop app
  2. Click the download button and open the PDF document on your Desktop with Adobe Reader.


IMPORTANT - RITS Announcement

LINZ has now made it mandatory for all councils to move from Moturiki Datum1953 (and others) to New Zealand Vertical Datum 2016 (NZVD2016) from 1 July 2024. So on 1 July 2024 all as-builts and data sheets will be required to be to NZVD2016. Note that some councils in the Waikato have already made this change.
For more information please visit LINZ NZVD2016.