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Participating Councils

Health & Safety Pre-qualification Scheme

Access the Scheme

Contractors simply need to complete the on-line questionnaire and provide their health and safety documentation to show that they understand and comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and any associated Regulations.

The portal can be accessed at and a link is available on every participating council’s website.

About the Scheme

In a great example of inter-council and inter-regional co-operation, staff from Co-Lab and BOPLASS partner councils worked together to develop and implement an online contractor health and safety pre-qualification scheme. The scheme uses simple software to capture information on contractors’ health and safety management systems and insurance details.

The service is offered nationally as part of a drive to better manage councils’ contractors in the new health and safety environment. It saves councils considerable time and money, as the scheme is fully managed by the software provider. It also removes the need for contractors to supply separate details to each council or for each contract sought, reducing their costs as well.

In conjunction with our supplier, SHE Software Ltd., we developed an online pre-qualification scheme that includes:

  • electronic application form and guidance
  • online and phone support for applicants
  • out-sourced evaluation of applications by health and safety professionals
  • a live register of pre-qualified contractors
  • automated notification of pending renewals
  • management of insurance expirations
  • an on-line payment facility.

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