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Waikato Building Consent Group

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The Waikato Building Consent Group was set up in 2004 to establish a consistent, best practice approach to building control functions in the Waikato Region through shared quality assurance systems, documentation and legislative interpretation, and to provide a national voice on building control issues for the Waikato region.

The Vision of the Waikato Building Consent Group is to:

  • Provide an excellent and consistent service to building consent customers across the Waikato region
  • Increase collaboration between Building Consent Authorities (BCAs)
  • Improve communication between BCAs, and between BCAs and industry stakeholders
  • Ensure the competency of technical officers undertaking building control functions.

The Group’s Quality Assurance system and documentation covers not only Building Consent Authority functions from end to end, but also Territorial Authority building control functions, such as Earthquake Prone Buildings, Pools, Compliance schedules and Building Warrants of Fitness.

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