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Participating Councils

Shared Valuation Data Service (SVDS)

The Shared Valuation Data Service (SVDS) is a real time, online, property database containing the District Valuation Rolls and associated registers of the participating councils in the Waikato Region.  SVDS was the first of the Waikato LASS shared services, and was initiated in 2005.  The service is used by Council staff and valuation service providers to Councils.  It is not a public register.

SVDS enables greater competition in the delivery of valuation services to councils and provides accurate and timely property valuation and sales data.  This approach has helped to reduce the cost of property valuations for the participating Councils.  The operating costs of SVDS are partially offset by selling concatenated sets and updates of sales and valuation data, with a small number of wholesale data supply contracts in place.

The SVDS Advisory Group are currently considering how best to continue to meet the business needs that SVDS currently supports in the future.