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Welcome to RATA

The purpose of RATA is to provide good practice roading and water asset management to improve wellbeing of communities.  The objectives of RATA are:

  • Alignment of asset management principles through collaboration
  • Quality of data is trusted and is able to increase confidence in decision making by partner councils
  • Increase skill and capability of partner council staff members.

Priorities for our partner councils are to exhibit good practice above all else, followed by good quality data, doing the right thing at the right time, and working on common priorities. 

History of RATA

The Waikato Mayoral Forum and Co-Lab Board established a Waikato Centre of Excellence (known as the Road Asset Technical Accord – RATA) in road asset management in 2014. Since this time RATA has continued to expand its service offering across partner cCouncils across the Waikato region. From September 2019 the Co-Lab Board approved an evolution of RATA to become the REGIONAL Asset Technical Accord with an expansion to supporting waters collaboration.

Typical transport initiatives include coordinating road and traffic data collection on behalf of councils, RAMM data input and analysis, data and performance benchmarking, and managing professional services support for asset management improvement initiatives.

The initial focus for waters asset management has been on system and process development to support reporting requirements, and improving asset management systems and processes. RATA has an information sharing objective also, which is provided through regular asset management forum events.