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Sampling and Analysis

The Sampling and Analysis team collect and analyse samples of water and wastewater across the region. The team’s primary purpose is to monitor the process control of both the Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment plants, and to provide analytical data to the regulatory bodies defining the quality of the final products. This enables our Council customers to demonstrate compliance with the conditions of their resource consents for the Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand.

The team also undertakes sampling and analysis for landfill and trade waste sites for compliance purposes.

The Laboratory is IANZ accredited for Biological and Chemical testing on waters.

Below is a list of tests the laboratory can offer. Sampling containers and instructions are provided on request.

In-house Analysis Pricing Service Fee 2021/22
Total Nitrogen $43.60
Dissolved Reactive Phosphorous $16.50
Total Phosphorous $16.50
Ammoniacal Nitrogen $16.50
Nitrite $16.50
Nitrate $28.30
NOxN $44.80
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) $19.90
Soluble Chemical Oxygen Demand $31.30
Fluoride $19.10
Volatile Fatty Acids * $61.70
pH $9.20
Alkalinity $11.90
Turbidity $11.60
Conductivity $14.70
Total Solids $19.80
Volatile Solids $29.20
Total Suspended Solids $13.70
Volatile Suspended Solids $24.90
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (cBOD5) $32.00
Soluble Biochemical Oxygen Demand $44.20
Transmissivity * (unfilt) $13.70
Transmissivity * (filt) $19.30
Heterotrophic Plate Count $17.60
Total Coliforms + E.coli MPN (clean) $34.00
E.coli MPN $39.80
Total Coliforms + E.coli MPN (not clean) $68.50
Free Available Chlorine $11.40
Total Available Chlorine $21.20
Dissolved Oxygen $22.60
Temperature $9.20
Sampling PricingService Fee 2020/21Service Fee 2021/22
Less than 30 km $44 $45
30 – 50km $62 $63.50
50 – 100 km $72 $73.50
100km + $87 $89
Hourly Rate for Urgent Sampling >50km$72$73.50
Surcharge of 50% for pre-arranged weekend sampling
100% surcharge for “urgent” sampling
150% surcharge for “urgent” weekend sampling
Distance is calculated from the WW Laboratory in Hamilton
“Urgent” sampling at a site more than 50km from the WW Laboratory in Hamilton an hourly rate will be used to calculate your sampling cost.

 For any requests for analyses, fill in the following form and email/deliver it the Laboratory (

Analyses Request Form

Alternatively, fill out our online request form at

The purpose of this form is to advise us what testing you want, how you want it reported, and where the costs will be charged to; it also acts as a record for specific sample details, such as location and time/date sampled.

You should contact the laboratory directly if you need us to provide sampling containers and/or undertake physical sampling for you.

Samples delivered to the laboratory should be clearly labelled with sample location, date sampled and time sampled (if applicable).

You can contact the Sampling & Analysis team by email (​); day time phone (07 958 5870 ext 2); or leave a message on the laboratory duty phone after hours (027 808 2269).