At Co-Lab we help our council members by providing procurement and contract management services to local councils. We want to make it easy for council buyers and suppliers to do business, so that together we can better serve our communities.

We work with the procurement managers and infrastructure teams in councils to identify and implement new opportunities for joint procurement of goods, services, and infrastructure.

The benefits of councils participating in joint procurements include:

  • Leverage volumes and benefits of scale
  • Competitive rates and price stability
  • Reduced administrative overhead
  • Probity issues met
  • Security of contract conditions
  • More efficient workflow
  • Wide range of products and services


We manage a suite of over 20 joint contracts. We also have two supplier panels:


We are currently working on the following joint procurements:

  • Structure asset management services, which covers the inspection of bridges and other structures, design and delivery services for repair or upgrade bridges, identifying work priorities for the next 3, 10, and 30 years, and other services.
  • CCTV of pipes and analytical services, which records and assessments the condition of water supply and wastewater pipes.
  • Structure asset maintenance works, which cover the physical works required of bridges and other structures identified in the first opportunity.
  • Liquefaction mapping, which will help Councils ensure new buildings can withstand liquefaction risks.


For further information please contact


Benson Waghorn
Procurement Manager


Contract Administrator