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Tony Bonetti

RATA Manager

Nicole McIntyre

RATA Administrator

Cameron Senior

Asset Information Team Leader

Karen Boyt

Interim Project Manager Team Lead

Debbie Flynn

Asset Information Engineer

Jo Cumming

Project Manager

Mary Hobby

Asset Information Technician

Graeme Mahy

Interim Project Manager

Nick Mounsey

Project Manager SAMS


RATA was initially established as a transport focussed business unit delivering asset management services to participating councils. As the team and its capabilities have grown, so has this service offering, and an increasing number of requests continue to be raised for RATA’s support of our partner Councils.  RATA holds regular information sharing events for local authority roading and asset managers. 

Typical initiatives include coordinating road and traffic data collection on behalf of councils, RAMM data input and analysis, data and performance benchmarking for asset management activities, and the delivery of other regionally significant initiatives such as consistent transport asset valuation processes.