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Participating Councils

Professional Services Panel

Co-Lab has established a professional services panel (PSP) to provide the participating councils easy and compliant access to consultancy services for council work related to infrastructure and development. The PSP does not cover physical works.

The panel is split into 8 disciplines and multiple skill sets:

Discipline 1 – Building Services

Structural Engineering
Building Services
Energy Management
Fire Engineering
Quantity Surveying

Discipline 2 – Three Waters and Waste

Water, Stormwater and Wastewater Reticulation and Treatment
Solid Waste
Process Engineering
3-Waters Asset Valuation
Water management planning and modelling

Discipline 3 – Urban Design

Landscape Architecture
Urban design
Master planning and built form modelling and analysis
Specialised Sports Surfaces and Turf Services
Parks and Facilities Asset Valuation

Discipline 4 – Hazard Management

Land Drainage and River management
Hazard mapping and modelling
Structural Audits
Flood Hazard Asset Valuation

Discipline 5 – Planning

Urban and Regional Planning
Policy Planning
Resource consent advice, planning and processing
Building consent advice, planning and processing
Economic effects assessment/advice
Heritage and archaeological assessment/advice
Ecological assessment/advice
Acoustic assessment/advice

Discipline 6 – Supporting Services

Geotechnical Investigation and Interpretation
Land Surveying
Environmental and Land Development Engineering
Property Services

Discipline 7 – Roading and Transportation

Road Asset Management
Traffic Engineering
Transportation Planning
Bridge Design
Transportation Design
Specialist services (street lux surveys/design/traffic surveys)

Discipline 8 – Public Transport and Parking

Public Transport modelling and analysis
Parking modelling and analysis

Information for suppliers wanting to join PSP

Co-Lab receives a lot of requests from suppliers to join the panel. However as there are over 170 suppliers we are confident that there is sufficient capability and capacity with existing PSP suppliers without the need to include new ones. As such, the PSP is a closed panel. This means we are not accepting applications from new suppliers seeking to join the panel. The next opportunity to join the panel is likely to be in late 2023 or early 2024 ahead of the panel expiring in July 2024. The new PSP, like the current one, will be established through a competitive open tender process that follows and is consistent with the NZ Government procurement framework.

Information for participating councils

Co-Lab has created a password-controlled webpage that includes the details of the PSP approved suppliers, guidance on how best to use the panel, templates to use, and other information. Participating councils can access webpage at

Get in touch

For further information or to access the please contact the PSP please contact: