Helping Councils be "Better Together!"

Work In Progress

  1. Update acceptable products already evaluated (Project Manager) completed but ongoing
  2. Resolve road widths and then remove links to DP (nearing completion with RATA)
  3. SW suggestions (raised by Beca Hamilton) long term
  4. Section 2 Earthworks – consider TCC’s version as an option (raised by Aecom) draft almost completed by T& T in conjunction with Rotorua Lakes DC
  5. M4 vs GAP40 base material (WaiDC with RATA) completed
  6. Add As built for rain gardens (HCC) completed
  7. Update As built drawing examples to templates for ease of use (CKL) long term
  8. Add Town entrance threshold design (raised by M-P DC) with RATA
  9. Review and include new terminology drawing D3.1.1A (WaiDC) completed
  10. Add Private way Producer Statements (WaiDC) completed
  11. Add Rural Crossing drawing (WaiDC) completed
  12. Review old Waipa DC rural Roading drawings for possible inclusion (Surveyors Institute) long term
  13. Review roundabout kerb details (HCC) to action
  14. Review need for lighting secondary flow paths that use cycleways/walkways (HCC) completed
  15. Consider wire rope barrier details (HCC) completed
  16. Wetland drawing Figure 4-6 needs updating, and further details on reducing silting in soakage devices (HCC) completed
  17. Add wetlands sign board (HCC) completed
  18. Add Way Finder cycleway signage (HCC) completed