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Co-Lab Learning councils now have access to certified TetraMap® facilitator.

We have some exciting news to share: Jenny Grace, our Co-Lab Learning Regional Manager, has become a certified TetraMap International® facilitator after completing the course in Wellington recently.

TetraMap® is a powerful tool that helps people communicate, collaborate, solve challenges and perform together, with the ultimate goal of building a better world. It adapts to the specific needs and contexts of the people, team or organisation using it. It also provides a common language that bridges multiple cultures and different worldviews.

By enabling people to connect better and work more effectively together, it fosters safe, strong and trusting relationships. It also offers meaningful insight into self and others. It is more than just a tool, it is a way of being, doing and thinking.

Jenny is thrilled to be able to add more value to the service that Co-Lab Learning offers to its councils.

“TetraMap® is an amazing tool that helps people learn how to communicate better with each other” she said. “I still remember the first TetraMap® course I attended, and the a-ha moment I had as a result of this learning. It has been immensely helpful for me in both my personal and professional life ever since, and I’m grateful for the chance to now share this knowledge with others” she said.

Contact Jenny for more information:


Photo credit: supplied by TetraMap.
Co-Lab Learning Regional Manager, Jenny Grace, second from left (back row)


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