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Proposed Waikato OneView – Map Data in the Waikato

Proposed Waikato OneView – Map Data in the Waikato

Using online web maps from Waikato Councils

In April this year the Waikato Councils collaboratively launched the Waikato Data Portal as a channel to assist the community, stakeholders and investors to access council data. Work now continues across the councils to identify, prepare, and publish new data sets in order to grow what we collectively make available to the public. We are now looking to build on this success and provide a web map viewer through which we can create a single view of key spatial information across our region.

Councils in the Waikato Region are currently working on a project to investigate the opportunity of providing a single Web Map Viewer, “Waikato OneView”, which will present merged spatial data for everyone to view.

Individually the Waikato Councils already provide localised web map viewers however the information provided by each authority stops at their boundary and may be presented differently to neighbouring authorities. We are keen to understand if you use any of the online web map viewers that councils in the Waikato currently make available, and if a single viewer that presents information from across the region would be of interest.

More specifically we are looking to understand how this might benefit you over and above what our individual councils already make available.

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