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Landscaping Drawings

OpenD7.1Landscape Planting Areas
OpenD7.2Street Tree Planting Clearances
OpenD7.3Tree Pits Within Carriageway
OpenD7.4Street Tree Root Barrier
OpenD7.5Tree Pits Within Carriageway Pavement
OpenD7.6Kerbside Tree Pit
OpenD7.7Timber Bollard Post & Chain

IMPORTANT - RITS Announcement

LINZ has now made it mandatory for all councils to move from Moturiki Datum1953 (and others) to New Zealand Vertical Datum 2016 (NZVD2016) from 1 July 2024. So on 1 July 2024 all as-builts and data sheets will be required to be to NZVD2016. Note that some councils in the Waikato have already made this change.
For more information please visit LINZ NZVD2016.