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Big savings from councils’ co-operation

Collective local government savings worth millions of dollars have already been achieved, and more will be delivered, through collaborative arrangements between the 12 councils of the Waikato region, says a new report.

The report to the Waikato Mayoral Forum has highlighted savings already made or set to be realised, as well as other gains through the joint arrangements:

  • Millions of dollars worth of ongoing savings on consultancy services due to a professional services panel offering discounts to the Waikato Regional, Hamilton City, Waikato District and Waipa District councils
  • Multi-million dollar savings on energy costs from joint procurement of electricity and gas supplies
  • Estimated savings of almost $1 million over 10 years on chemicals used in water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Savings of at least $400,000 over five years on insurance brokerage, along with more than $1 million in other insurance-related savings
  • A $126,000 reduction in property data related costs, plus revenue of over $200,000 in commercial property data sales.

The efficiencies achieved have been outlined to the Waikato Mayoral Forum in a report on the Local Authorities Shared Services (LASS) council-controlled organization, owned by the 12 Waikato city, district and regional councils.

LASS enables councils to save money and increase efficiency by jointly entering into contracts and agreements, and by working collaboratively.

“The spirit of local government co-operation in the Waikato region has been delivering some very tangible benefits,” said forum chair Allan Sanson, the mayor of Waikato District.

“Our focus now is on making further gains on the efficiency front through LASS and the mayoral forum’s co-operative work.”

Areas being studied for greater co-operation opportunities include laboratory services, pipe procurement, legal services, valuations and health & safety.

Information on the forum’s work is available at


Media contact:

Stephen Ward, forum communications advisor, 07 859 0782 or 021 756 310


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