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WLASS PSP Operating under COVID-19 Lockdown

WLASS Professional Services Panel – operating under COVID-19 lockdown conditions

We have had some queries with respect to the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown, and how this will affect new and ongoing engagements under IFS and the PSP panel agreements.

We can confirm for you that many Council staff are working from home undertaking essential services (key public services) over this period, and are likely to be required to be diverted to support other teams including incident management and Civil Defence during the lockdown.

We would like you to check in with the individual Councils at an IFS level (email the Council Contract Manager) to determine whether your work is to continue at this time as each Council has determined what are essential public services over the lockdown. These however may be subject to change if legislation is amended over this time.

Please remember though, if projects are continuing or new services are being engaged during the lockdown contractors must adhere to the Ministry of Health guidelines as they relate to COVID-19. Invoices for work completed previous to the lockdown will continue to be processed as normal. Individual Councils however have put new processes in place for new work and/or purchase orders (invoices) over this period. Please check with your individual Council contacts about these changes.

It is likely that any new IFS engagements will not be entered into over the lockdown period unless they are deemed essential by the individual Council concerned. In this instance you will be contacted for work (if you are able to perform such services during this time).

For existing IFS engagements please be aware that Councils will not withhold any reasonable extensions to PSP engagements as stated in clause 12.5 of the CCCS 4th edition and our master PSP agreement (detailed below for your information).

We hope you are all managing to remain positive during such unusual circumstances, please be assured that we value the work that you deliver for Councils, and bear with us while we all adapt to our new working environments.

If in doubt about your services or the status of your IFS please check with your Council’s contact person in the first instance.

Be kind. Take care, and we will keep you informed of any updates.

12.5 Events beyond Control

Should any event occur which:

  • is beyond the control of either Party; and
  • is neither directly nor indirectly caused by either Party; and
  • prevents the performance of the Services (in whole or in part) required under this Agreement,

then those Services will be suspended until such time that it becomes practicable to recommence the Services. This does not include events personal to either Party, such as ill-health or lack of funding or resources. In the event that there is a reasonable likelihood that the Services are not able to be recommenced, then this Agreement may be terminated by the Client.

In circumstances where the Services or part of the Services have to be suspended or delayed, the Consultant will be allowed extra time to complete the Services and such extra time should be reasonable in the circumstances. In the event that the suspension continues for greater than 6 months, then this Agreement may be terminated by the Consultant.




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