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Stormwater Drawings

OpenD4.1Private Stormwater Bubble Up Pit
OpenD4.2Stormwater Drawing Private Stormwater Kerb Connection
OpenD4.3Private Dn100 Stormwater Outlet To Minor Streams
OpenD4.4Stormwater Secondary Flow Path Treatment - Private Property
OpenD4.5Groundwater Recharging Devices Private Property
OpenD4.6Footpath Berm Catchpit Details
OpenD4.7Catchpit Back Enrty Details
OpenD4.8Double Catchpit Design
OpenD4.9Vertical Entry Catchpit
OpenD4.10Fish Symbols For Catchpits
OpenD4.11Swale Plan And Section
OpenD4.12Swale Driveway Crossing Detail
OpenD4.13Rain Garden Plan And Underdrain Long Section
OpenD4.14Rain Garden Detention/Soakage Cross Sections And Kerb Details
OpenD4.15Underground Storage With Approved Catchpit Filter Plan And Section
OpenD4.16Underground Storage With Approved Catchpit Filter Long Section
OpenD4.17Underground Storage With Gross Pollutant Trap Long Section
OpenD4.18Stormwater Connection Layout
OpenD4.21Dn1050- Dn1350 Manholes
OpenD4.22Typical Dimensions For Manholes Greater Than Dn1350
OpenD4.23Shallow Manhole/Chamber
OpenD4.24Lateral Connection
OpenD4.25Anti Scour Blocks For Steep Drainage Pipes
OpenD4.26Building Over And Adjacent To Public Wastewater Or Stormwater Pipelines
OpenD4.27_bwStormwater System
OpenD4.27_cirStormwater System
OpenD1.2Stormwater As-Built Plan
OpenD1.4.1Wetland As-Built Plan
OpenD1.4.2Wetland As-Built Plan

IMPORTANT - RITS Announcement

LINZ has now made it mandatory for all councils to move from Moturiki Datum1953 (and others) to New Zealand Vertical Datum 2016 (NZVD2016) from 1 July 2024. So on 1 July 2024 all as-builts and data sheets will be required to be to NZVD2016. Note that some councils in the Waikato have already made this change.
For more information please visit LINZ NZVD2016.