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Wastewater Drawings

OpenD5.1Dn1050 - Dn1350 Manholes
OpenD5.2Typical Dimensions For Manholes Greater Than Dn1350
OpenD5.3Shallow Manhole/Chamber
OpenD5.4Lateral Connection
OpenD5.5Anti Scour Blocks For Steep Drainage Pipes
OpenD5.6Building Over And Adjacent To Public Wastewater Or Stormwater Pipelines
OpenD5.7Wastewater Pump Station Site Plan Layout
OpenD5.8Wastewater Pumping Station Cross Section
OpenD5.9Standard Wastewater Pumping Station For Flygt 3085 3102 And 3127 Pumps
OpenD5.10Wastewater Pump Station Upper Section Reinforcing
OpenD5.11Wastewater Pump Station Lid Frame
OpenD5.12Wastewater Pump Station Lid Frame Detail
OpenD5.13Wastewater Pump Station Lid Frame Detail
OpenD5.14Wastewater Pump Station Lid Details
OpenD5.15Wet Well Secondary Lids
OpenD5.16Wastewater Pump Station Storage Plan
OpenD5.17Wastewater Pump Station Section
OpenD5.18Wastewater Pump Station Storage Ends Elevation And Details
OpenD5.19Control Cabinet Plinth & Sps Flow Meter
OpenD5.20Wastewater Pump Station Water Backflow Preventation
OpenD5.21Wastewater Pump Station Water Backflow Preventation Cage
OpenD5.22Wastewater Connections Layout
OpenD1.1Wastewater As-Built Plan

IMPORTANT - RITS Announcement

The draft RITS v2 was sent out for comment to participating councils’ key staff contacts in late January. The response by the required date was minimal, and an extension of time resulted in only one further submission.  We appreciate it is a complex and lengthy document to review. We have just received a key submission that will improve the output of this document and are now reviewing it. We will be in touch as soon as possible with the final draft. We thank you for your patience.