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Transport Drawings

OpenD3.1.10Parking Spaces
OpenD3.1.1AUrban Road Terminology
OpenD3.1.1BRural Road Terminology
OpenD3.1.2Roading Terminology
OpenD3.1.3Locaton Of Services In Transport Corridor
OpenD3.1.4Cross Section Details Typical Berm
OpenD3.1.5Boundary Splay
OpenD3.1.6Standard Urban Residential Private Ways
OpenD3.1.7Cul De Sac Head
OpenD3.1.8On Street Parking Dimensions & Setout
OpenD3.1.9Parking Loading Spaces & Manoevering
OpenD3.2.1Normal Carriageway Camber & Construction Tolerances
OpenD3.2.2Cbr V Penetration Graphs For Hamilton Sand Silt Materials
OpenD3.2.3Trench Reinstatement
OpenD3.3.1Vehicle Crossing & Pedestrian Cutdown Set Out
OpenD3.3.2Vehicle Crossing Profiles
OpenD3.3.3Kerb & Channel Profiles
OpenD3.3.4Rural Entranceways - Residential Light & Heavy Commercial
OpenD3.3.5Cross Section For Footpath Vehicle Crossings & Depressed Kerb & Channel
OpenD3.3.6Cross Section Details Associated Kerb & Channel Reinstatment Within Existing Pavement
OpenD3.3.7Concrete Vehicle Slot Crossings
OpenD3.3.8Accesible Bus Stop
OpenD3.4.1Locaton Of Subsoil Drainage
OpenD3.5.1A/C Sma & Ogpa Overlay Details
OpenD3.5.2A/C Overlay V - Ramp Detail
OpenD3.6.1Timber Edging Details For Chip Seal Asphalt & Block Paving
OpenD3.6.2Pedestrian Crossing Point Location At Intersections
OpenD3.6.3Tactile Paving For Vision Impaired
OpenD3.6.4Pedestrian Facilities In Islands
OpenD3.7.1Sign Location & Visibility At Intersections
OpenD3.7.2Street Name Signs Arterial/Collector Intersection
OpenD3.7.3Street Name Signs Arterial Or Collector Intersection With Local Road
OpenD3.7.4Street Name Signs Local/Local Intersections
OpenD3.7.5Cycle Signage For Off Road Cycle Paths
OpenD3.7.6Neighbourhood Watch Signage
OpenD3.7.9Ground Sockets For Removable Poles
OpenD3.7.10Installation Of Chevron Or Route & Low Level Road Name Sign
OpenD3.7.11Attachment Of Street Name Sign Blades To Poles
OpenD3.7.12Street Name Plate
OpenD3.7.13Kea Crossing Flag
OpenD3.7.14Kea Crossing Flag Pole
OpenD3.7.15School Patrol Signs
OpenD3.7.16Bus Stop/Taxi Supplement
OpenD3.7.17Through Truck Route Marker
OpenD3.7.18Overhead Directional Sign Standard
OpenD3.8.1Cbd Cycle Rack
OpenD3.8.2Bike Rack - Roibon Style
OpenD3.8.3Bike Rack - Hoop Style
OpenD3.8.6Lockable Removable Bollard
OpenD3.8.7Cbd Pedestrian Barrier
OpenD3.8.8Pedestrian Ballustrade Barrier
OpenD3.8.9Pedestrian Barriers
OpenD3.8.10Pedestrian Accessways Fence Details
OpenD3.8.11Pedestrian Handrail Or Walkway Barrier
OpenD3.8.12Concrete Base Details For Steel Litter Bins
OpenD3.8.13Standard 3.5M Bus Shelter Foundation Detail
OpenD3.8.14Bus Shelter & Mini Bus Shelter
OpenD3.8.15Bus Stop Seat No Shelter
OpenD3.9.1Typical Cycle Advanced Stop Line Layout
OpenD3.9.2On-Road Cycle Lane Connection To Off Road Shared Path
OpenD3.9.3Clearway & P5 Roadmarking
OpenD3.9.4Mobility Cardholders Parking
OpenD3.10.1Roundabout Details
OpenD3.10.2Flush Threshold
OpenD3.10.3Paved Raised Pedestrian Ramp
OpenD3.10.4Concrete Rasied Pedestrian Ramp
OpenD3.10.5Asphaltic Concrete Tapered Raised Pedestrian Ramp
OpenD3.10.6Asphaltic Concrete Full Width Raised Pedestrian Ramp
OpenD3.10.7Full Width Raised Pedestrian Threshold Imprint Patterns & Coloued Surfacing
OpenD3.11.1Pedestrian Belisha & Warning Globe Detail
OpenD3.11.2Pedestrian Belisha & Floodlighting
OpenD3.11.3Deco Pole With 2M Outreach
OpenD3.12.1Traffic Signal Ducting Under Kerb Access Details
OpenD3.12.2Fold Down Traffic Signal Pole
OpenD3.12.3Removable Traffic Signal Pole
OpenD3.12.4Standard Demensions For Stop Line Detectors
OpenD3.12.6Street Name Signs At Signalised Intersections
OpenD3.12.7Traffic Signal Pole & Mast Arm
OpenD3.13.1Hcc City Heart Project Kerb Profiles
OpenD3.1Rural Access Ways
OpenD3.1Rural Road Widths
OpenD3.1Urban Access Ways
OpenD3.1Urban Access Way Turning Bay
OpenD3.1Urban Road Widths

IMPORTANT - RITS Announcement

LINZ has now made it mandatory for all councils to move from Moturiki Datum1953 (and others) to New Zealand Vertical Datum 2016 (NZVD2016) from 1 July 2024. So on 1 July 2024 all as-builts and data sheets will be required to be to NZVD2016. Note that some councils in the Waikato have already made this change.
For more information please visit LINZ NZVD2016.